a journey to flower love

I can’t believe I once told my husband never to buy me flowers (on Valentine’s Day) because they were a waste of money.

To be fair—NYC prices of foreign blooms on an overpriced holiday are kinda ridiculous but… I was young. I didn’t understand the simple joy a perfect bloom can bring.

I once had a friend who shared the best compliments. Often out of the blue, always heartfelt, easy to miss if you were distracted. Sharing flowers gives me the same feeling those compliments used to give me.

It’s easy to gloss over, but if you pay attention, there’s a whole world of calm joy and simple pleasures, a contentment you can only enjoy when you take time to notice.

That friend is gone now. I like to think she left a little of her spark in me and that little spark grew into an idea to spread beauty from and wide.

So here we are: Avalon Lush, my gift to the world and my family. It is a commitment to enjoying God’s beauty, a way to enjoy more and live in the lushness of our world, and a path to experiment and get dirty along the way.


why buy from us

If enjoying the absolute delight of flowers in your space isn’t enough of a reason, currently only 25% of the flowers sold in the US are grown here, in our country. On our soil. In our communities.

We grow our flowers here in Hillsboro, Washington County, Oregon. Using regenerative farming practices and locally grown seeds in the Pacific Northwest, you can know you’re supporting multiple local businesses who invest in your own community.

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